Red Light Therapy For Dark SpotsRed Light Therapy For Dark Spots

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Red Light Therapy For Dark Spots

by Andres Jimenez | September 22, 2022
You take a look in the mirror one day and you notice a slightly darker spot on your skin where there never used to be. You cover it with makeup and move on with your day. The following week you notice it is a little bit darker and you need more concealer to blend it in with the rest of your skin. You are on your way to having sunspots also known as hyperpigmentation. These are spots that have developed on your skin from soaking in the sun's rays without protection. You may think they are an inevitability and as you get older you will get more of them. This might be true but there are treatments that will effectively reduce the appearance of sunspots on the skin.

Types of hyperpigmentation (dark spots)

There are three different types of dark spots you can get:
  • Melasma
  • Age spots
  • Inflammation


Melasma is typically found in pregnant women because of the hormonal changes they are going through. It presents itself as dark patches on the face and stomach. This condition is not specific to pregnant women, anyone can get it, but it is mostly found in women and people who have darker skin.

Age spots

Age spots are exactly what they sound like, spots that older people get from years of sun exposure and environmental conditions. These spots present like dark patches on the hands, face and head.


Inflammatory hyperpigmentation occurs mostly in people with skin conditions like eczema or acne. The marks most often appear on the face and neck and can be itchy and painful.

What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy (RLT) is a treatment that uses LED light to shine on the skin and awaken the power of the mitochondria which act as the energy generator in your body. The mitochondria then pass that energy on to the cells and make them work harder at generating new cells, and fixing any damaged cells.

How can red light therapy help with dark spots?

Red light therapy for dark spots uses a beam of light to shine on the face or body and create that mitochondrial reaction that sparks the cells into reproducing new skin cells and healing the skin. When you go to a clinic to get this treatment you may have the clinician use a red light therapy wand which is a handheld device that emits red light. This red light wand is effective when pressed against the face in certain areas for 10 seconds at a time. This is one of the most effective methods when it comes to how to treat dark spots.

Can I use red light therapy at home?

Few people can spend every day going to a clinic to get a 15-20 minute red light therapy treatment. This is why products that can be used at home for a few minutes a day are so popular. When it comes to using light therapy for dark spots, it doesn't matter where you do it, as long as you use it every day to get the maximum benefit. For at-home red light therapy products, you can talk to your healthcare professional or skincare professional and get some recommendations on the best at-home red light therapy wand or other red light emitters that are effective. When you are looking at dark spots on more than just your face, you can look into red light panels that can be stacked and hit several parts of the body at once. Research shows that using red light therapy for 10 minutes every day can visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots and other hyperpigmentation on the skin in as little as 2 weeks.

Other benefits of red light therapy

This type of therapy has so many other benefits on top of reducing dark spots. RLT can reduce acne, and inflammation of the skin, and reduce wrinkles. Some athletes claim that red light therapy can reduce the recovery period of the body after an intense workout.

Other benefits of RLT include:

  • brighter complexion
  • reduced muscle pain
  • relief from insomnia
Whether you go to a dermatologist's office or use a device at home, red light therapy is proven to help reduce the appearance of dark spots of all kinds. You no longer have to live with the dark patches that show up on your face, neck and head. With just a few minutes every day, you can be on your way to brighter, clearer, and more youthful-looking skin.

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